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APC CASTING-Aerospace Precision Casting

POLASTORM PROPELLER is the first company to apply APC casting technology for aluminum propellers. APC casting is known as Aerospace Precision Casting that can achieve aerospace quality products with extreme high-density and physical strength.

The innovation of aerospace technology to marine aluminium propellers is now a reality, boasting hybrid casting of strontium, aluminium and titanium that are far stronger and durable than ever before. 

Our robotic powder-coating line uses AkzoNobel patented anti-corrosive coating powder that are environmentally safe.

Stainless Steel Casting Technology

POLASTORM PROPELLER material R&D technical team uses ASTM A890-4A duplex stainless steel formulation, followed by heat treatment to create tensile strength of up to 750 Mpa and extreme anti-corrosion. 

Polastorm stainless steel propellers all utilize spiral flute exhaust design and the marine industries greatest Interchangeable Hub System with Gearcase Noise Reduction System(GNRS). The best proven designs have been chosen to match specific engines H.P groups with a wide range of propeller pitch choices.